“The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.” ~Robert C. Peale



Independent Consultant Site

Armando P. Mariano

Independent Business Owner

IBO No.  2130151

Legal Disclaimers:
This is an Independent Lifepharm Global© Consultant  site and NOT a Company website. All information and opinions expressed on this site are that of the consultant and not endorsed by the company. No income is guaranteed or implied as an Independent Consultant. Any statement made about Laminine, OPT9, or any LifePharm Global Network products or ingredients, has not been evaluated by the FDA. LifePharm programs and products, including Laminine® or avian egg extract formula, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent Any disease, illness or age related conditions. Information presented here is for general educational purposes only. Each person and animal is biochemically and metabolically different. If you have concerns, please consult your physician or health care professional before starting this or any other health and wellness program. Laminine® is a Registered Trademark of Lifepharm Global©

“There’s nothing like a dream to create the future, if you can see your dream in the eyes of faith.”
“There’s nothing like a dream to create the future, if you can see your dream in the eyes of faith.”


Armand Paraiso Mariano
Founder,  Rock of Ages Revival to Mission Church

Consultant,  Holistic Health
LifePharm Global Network

Independent Bussiness Owner
Forever  Rich Philippines

Email:  armandopm13@yahoo.com


Skype:   army.of.god

Add me on Facebook:  Armando P. Mariano


A new holistic approach to serve by catering to the needs of the body, soul and spirit through finding the best natural alternative solution to health issues.  Devoted to empowering individuals to make educated decisions relating to their health and wellness. Providing  excellent motivation and inspiration to unleash potentials in everyone and a Biblical guide to become a better person, overcomer, victorious and a conqueror for the glory of God.


To bring people into the knowledge God and salvation of Christ by holistic approach just like what Jesus did when He did miracles of provision and healing as a forefront so that the gospel can be well accepted by all means.


To help individuals and thriving churches receive the promises of God through Abraham, blessed in all things. (http://getblessed.blog.com/?p=4)


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